• “I love my patients. Today I received a thank you card from one.”

  • “I truly love my job. I have never felt as appreciated as I do here.”

  • “I have never felt as supported as I do here.”

  • “I love my patients and what I do!”

Your career in caring starts here

Care and compassion are at the heart of what you’ll do, no matter what job you’re interested in.

What a career in home care is about

Quality of life is highest at home and we know that’s where our patients want to be.

Our skilled therapists and nurses provide the highest quality clinical care along with motivation, encouragement, and health education to improve the quality of life for those patients entrusted to our care.

Our clinicians have the opportunity to provide one on one patient care and work at the top of their license.  They are part of an interdisciplinary team that focuses on providing the best patient care.  They provide home-based clinical care for patients as directed by an attending physician.  Interacting with patients’ families while caring for their patients and experiencing the rewarding privilege to be part of every step of the recovery journey.

We make it easy for our clinicians to do their job and provide competitive financial incentives. On a pay per visit model, the more points you earn, the more money you make!  And we also pay by the mile and have bonus opportunities. Our schedules are flexible, and you’ll have the support of a whole team, from scheduling to intake.

Our Key Values

  • We CARE for our patients like they are our own FAMILY.

    Our patients allow us into their homes and personal lives at a time when they are most vulnerable. It is an honor for us to care for them and we become part of their family.

  • We view QUALITY and TRUST as the cornerstones of our business and the top responsibility of all employees.

    Quality is expected and measured in every aspect: Quality of care, Quality in operational efficiency, Quality in compliance, and Quality in financial performance. We deliver excellent quality when each of us does our part by performing at an outstanding level.

  • We recognize that our EMPLOYEES are essential to our success and we believe in providing an environment that rewards for outstanding performance and provides training, self-development, and career opportunities.

    To maintain the highest quality of care, we use continuing education and invest heavily in clinical and management training and development programs. The company operates an internal AS University course for mid-managers to grow them into the future leaders of our industry.

  • We hire for ATTITUDE and train for skill.

    We recognize that the correct attitude is more important than technical skill and place a higher regard on an ability to work in a team environment than technical skill when hiring. We also use state of the art technology and formal training programs to shorten the technical learning curve.

  • We work as a TEAM to attain success.

    Patient care is fundamentally a team sport. We expect collaboration with peers, across departments, with our health system partners, and with the broader community of caregivers who are all working towards the same goal: excellent patient care.

  • We act with HONESTY and INTEGRITY.

    Every employee understands the sacred trust our customers extend to us. It is our duty to act with honesty and integrity in every aspect of the company and in our personal lives.

  • We support the COMMUNITIES in which we work and live.

    Through the Alternate Solutions Community Outreach Program, the company donates money to local charities, which are nominated by and voted upon by the staff of each agency. The funds are kept within the communities the agencies serve. Additionally, the company further supports its staff and their families by providing funding to youth programs.

  • We operate our business in a FISCALLY responsible manner.

    ASHN exists to help patients. A strong financial foundation reflects good stewardship of our community’s resources and enables us to invest in the innovation necessary to continuously improve the quality of our care.

What we offer

Our environment helps you thrive!

Reaching for the Stars

Opportunity for Growth

Patients love our care and that means we are growing rapidly. After more than ten years of rapid growth, and with more on the horizon, we need more leaders. Our aspiration is for field clinicians to grow into our future leaders.

Leadership icon

Leaders from the Field

We are proud to have agency leaders come from the field. They have walked in your shoes and understand the challenges of delivering care in patients’ homes. They know how to support you and do an excellent job.

Benefits icon

Benefits to Support You

Our benefits package is also competitive in the market. We provide medical, dental, and vision insurance with flexibility for you to select what works best for you. Eligible teammates receive paid time off and may participate in the 401K, if they choose. Historically the company has matched 401K contributions which helps build your nest egg even faster. Finally, our benefit program includes company paid life, disability insurance, and a robust Employee Assistance Program.

Culture Icon

A Genuine Culture

We don’t make anything. We are people who care for people in their homes. That is a privilege we take seriously, and it affects how we behave and the decisions we make. It is why we hire for attitude and train for skill. It is why quality and trust are core to who we are. And it is why we care for one another like family.

Our culture comes through in tangible ways as well. We match charitable donations that our teammates make in their local communities. Our “We Care Like Family” program enables us to help one another through unexpected and difficult times. And our employee referral program makes it easy to work with folks you already know, who are great cultural fits.

Training Icon

Continuous Training & Career Development

We invest in our team. This starts with a robust orientation program to introduce ASHN and prepare you to care for patients in their homes. Through orientation and beyond, your Clinical Manager and Preceptor work together to ensure that you remain prepared. You will have frequent check-ins to answer your questions, review regulatory changes, and provide the support you need. And they are available any time by phone to answer your questions.

We also provide ongoing education opportunities. Our Chief Clinical Officer is continuously reviewing publications to find the best options for patient care. The clinical organization then provides training updates and configures our Electronic Medical Record to ensure it is easy to follow best practices.

Control icom

Control Over Your Income

Our goal is to provide the best earning for clinicians who delivery high quality care efficiently, and we benchmark other providers to ensure our compensation is competitive.

The hallmark of our program is per visit compensation with quarterly bonuses based on achieving specific quality performance targets. There is no cap on how much you can earn, and our top performers usually earn twice as much as the market average.

We also provide additional compensation for times you are on call and we reimburse mileage for your travel from one patient home to the next. Better yet, mileage is automatically tracked by our EMR so there are no manual reports to tabulate and submit.

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