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We believe that Kettering Home Care’s greatest asset is our culture. Our company culture emphasizes positive attitude, teamwork, and a true sense of family. We approach home care as more than a business; it is an opportunity to reach out to our patients, our employees, our partners and the community with integrity, generosity of spirit, and genuine friendship while providing much needed services.

Alternative Solutions HomeCare Eight Core Beliefs:

  • We CARE for our customers like they are our own FAMILY.
  • We view QUALITY and TRUST as the cornerstones of our business and the top responsibility of all employees.
  • We recognize that our EMPLOYEES are essential to our success and we believe in providing an environment that rewards for outstanding performance and provides training, self development, and career opportunities.
  • We work as a TEAM to attain success.
  • We hire for ATTITUDE and train for skill.
  • We act with HONESTY and INTEGRITY.
  • We support the COMMUNITIES in which we work and live.
  • We operate our business in a FISCALLY responsible manner.

We Believe in Giving Back to the Community

Employee Testimonials

  • It is evident that employees at Kettering Home Care are not here just for a job or a career—but rather because it is their passion and their calling. Through our field staff, our culture extends beyond our office walls into the very homes and hearts of those we care for.

    —Linda, Director of Organizational Development
  • I never have been a part of an organization that treats their people the way they are treated here. For a nurse to meet a complete stranger and extend to him the kindness and caring that they do is absolutely amazing.

    —Chris, IT Specialist
  • It’s great to work for a company that helps people remain independent in their homes. There is no place like home, and Kettering Home Care makes home an option for many people.

    —Doug, Community Educator
  • I can’t wait to come to work every day to make a difference—and in today’s world, not too many people can say that. Kettering Home Care is the best company I have ever worked for hands down!

    —Tracy, Billing Specialist
  • It is not by accident or pure luck that Kettering Home Care has been the recipient of an integrity award as well as being one of the best places to work in Ohio. Our culture speaks volumes as to the leadership of this organization and to the dedicated staff that make this a culture of compassion, and integrity.

    —Tim, Business Development/Legal Services
  • Our culture means connecting with every patient on a personal level—finding something that is important to them and making sure we meet every expectation they have.

    —Amy, PT

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